Dr. Papcun's Report on the Rodney King trial appears in the book "Letters of the Century"
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by Grunwald and Adler
"Your appearance as the final witness in the Rodney King trial was decisive as to the outcome."---Milton Grimes, Esq.

"Dr. Papcun is a star!"---Attorney subsequent to Dr. Papcun's deposition, following which the opposition declined to proceed

"Please send your bill in before you find out how delighted the client is." --Attorney following a directed verdict subsequent to Dr. Papcun's testimony

"What Do We Want? Dead Cops"

A crowd of demonstrators marching in New York was videoed as they repeated antiphonal chants. Some listeners thought they were saying

"What do we want?" "Dead Cops"
"When do we want it?" "Now"

Other listeners, including and radio talk show host Thom Hartman claim that they did not hear it that way.

I was contacted by Tasneem Nasrulla, a correspondent for online new service BuzzFeed, who asked that I resolve the issue. I applied filtering techniques to reduce the background sounds in order to make the chant clear. You can hear the filtered clear version of the chants here:

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