Dr. Papcun's Report on the Rodney King trial appears in the book "Letters of the Century"
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by Grunwald and Adler
"Your appearance as the final witness in the Rodney King trial was decisive as to the outcome."---Milton Grimes, Esq.

"Dr. Papcun is a star!"---Attorney subsequent to Dr. Papcun's deposition, following which the opposition declined to proceed

"Please send your bill in before you find out how delighted the client is." --Attorney following a directed verdict subsequent to Dr. Papcun's testimony

Zimmerman Audio Exhibits

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Zimmerman Call to Sanford Police

Possible words "It's fucking cold." repeated 3 times

Sounds following "They always get away."

Sounds following "They always get away." with silences added between events

Lauer 911 Call

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